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Getting Started, Lecture 3

Setting up your Email

Setting up your email is as simple as clicking through a couple of links as outline below.

As discussed you click on :

Manage Account > Web Hosting > Manage > cPanel

From there scroll down to : Email Accounts

You then click on :

Email Accounts > + CREATE

Type in your email address (this can be any name that you choose) & Password

For the storage space you can use unlimited for now, but as you bring more people into your business you can limit the amount of space you dedicate to that employee.

You can check email immediately for your account by clicking on >Check Email

To set up your email on your phone or PC/MAC you can click on >Connect Devices. Your email client (ie outlook etc.) will ask you for the details that you have on your server. Type in those details and connect to your device.

Any questions, please do let me know!